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Being a top influencer in your field and reaching as many prospects as possible is not just about setting up a few ads, spamming as many people as possible and hoping for your results to pour in. We are currently experiencing the biggest shift in business in our history.

Companies like Apple, Facebook and Snapchat are taking over the market, because they are all evangelists in having a powerful brand story, establishing a personal connection and creating an engaged community of advocates for their business.

Our purpose at Ginicanbreathe is to guide you towards becoming a revolutionary, highly influential brand that builds awareness with ease, integrity and whilst maintaining a connection to their employees.



OUR services


Whether you want to create a social media department from the bottom up or are looking for the most effective strategy to build and grow your Snapchat audience, we offer tailor-made services that ensure you are able to achieve your specific goals.

At GCB we especially love to align ourselves with clients where we feel there is a strong business fit as well as an emotional connection, because we value a high level of trust and commitment and know from experience that this is what makes success inevitable.


social launch and growth strategies

If you are launching a new product or a social infrastructure, we will be there by your side creating everything from the content to the growth strategy.

  • Staff Training
  • Platform Workshops
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Strategies
  • Campaign activations
  • Growth Models

Public relations 

Not only do we want to create amazing projects with you, we also want to help you shout about it. We work with all the industry leading publications from press to TV who will collaborate with us in getting the word out. 


  • TV Interviews
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Features in Online Publications
  • Local and Global Print Press
  • Influencer Endorsements

influencer and brand collaborations

Whether you are an influencer looking to work with a brand or a brand looking for the right influencer to work with on a campaign, we will connect you. Here it is so critical to find the right match as both brand voices need to be considered. 


  • Product Placement 
  • Event Coverage
  • Brand Storytelling 
  • Viral Content
  • Snapchat/Facebook
  • Instagram/Twitter

Snapchat Mastery

Started by the world leading Business Influencer in Snapchat,Ginicanbreathe Consulting holds a specialization in Snapchat. We work with the best Snapchat influencers in the world creating daily content and campaigns for the world's most innovative companies like BBC, Nasdaq and Soulpancake.


Georgio.Copter the World's #1 Snapchat Artist

Georgio.Copter the World's #1 Snapchat Artist

  • Snapchat Launch Strategy 
  • Snapchat Management
  • Snapchat Influencer Campaigns
  • Snapchat Geofilter Design
  • Snapchat Geofilter Management
  • Snapchat Analytics
  • Snapchat Content Production
  • Snapchat Training
  • Snapchat Product Marketing



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