Dear Businesses, Please Give a Shit.

If you are a Business, work in a Business, have ever seen a Business, know what a Business is, have ever done Business or been to a Business. 

Please read on. 

I know that we are in a very confusing time. This new internets (no, that is not a spelling mistake, I am using internets for the pure humor of it) has given you so many new possibilities, to market, distribute, communicate, etcetera. You don't really want to admit, that you have no idea what you are doing. How could you? Everything taught in Universities is outdated by the time you hit your final exams. We are moving much too fast, growing much too fast, how could you possibly specialise?

I am not asking of you to be perfect. I'm not asking you to have minimal response time, get all your campaigns right, to match the perfect background to the perfect font, have meaningful and touching videos on your landing page. Those are nice things to have, but they are not the main ingredient to having a successful business and building a real brand. 

Your main mistake, is that you have lost sight of what is really important. The only thing that drives you and your business are:     Your Customers. 

When someone comes into your store, visits your site, talks to you. All you are looking at is that one interaction. You are dealing with that moment, the best you can. But you are not looking into the future, you can't see the bigger picture. This is not a sale, this is not a transaction. This is a a relationship. And if you do the whole thing well, it's a long lasting one. Over years. 

Don't calculate how much money you are making per person per sale. Track that person over time, the revenue the are bringing you is much higher then you think. Well, maybe not for you. Because you have no idea what you are doing, so they never come back.

I am a customer, of all sorts of things. Supermarkets, beauticians, mechanics, gardeners, airlines, restaurants, I could keep going. Can you imagine the amount of decisions I have to make? You know how time consuming that is? I have to find their address, compare prices, figure out who the right person is to speak to, see if I connect with the environment. So much of my time goes into all this research. As a result, when I find somewhere I am remotely happy, I stay there because it is much too much of an extra investment for me to change or there are no alternatives. But you know this and you stay lazy and keep giving me the same crappy service. 

When I get fed up enough, I will leave. And you will run out of business.
That's why I'm telling you this today. Before it is too late.

Please, give a shit about your customers. Think for yourself how you would feel and be a human first. For crying out loud.                Be a human first. 

How do you create long-lasting, meaningful, profitable businesses? 

That's how.