2 week old Fashion Brand gets 11 Million Impressions at NY Fashion Week for 6 Dollars

I’m not passionate about Marketing, I’m passionate about really good conversation stopping, life enhancing marketing. Where you are standing in a boardroom and they say to you “hold on, can you repeat those numbers please?”

Yep, that’s right. My client Hidden Hippie newly launched their cheeky crystal accessories (energy stones that you clip into your bra for good vibes) and we were able to get them 11 million impressions in New York Fashion Week on Snapchat with a six dollar filter. Brand awareness and recognition is really hard to get when starting out as a new brand. Especially with a low budget, you can’t be dropping thousands of dollars for exposure. 

What myself and my business partner Chris Hall practice is a completely new form of location based marketing, that takes anything we are doing right now to a whole new level.

So what is the ROI? That’s what you want to know right? Let me make it clear that we are not calculating the ROI of $6 (that is obvious), our consulting is also added on top of this, as we have the right strategy that gives you the exposure you need. I invite you to go and create a six dollar filter right now and would estimate your reach be between 1-5k impressions on Snapchat. A filter like this created by us is at around 300 dollars, or 6.5k if you are working with us as a priority client on a monthly basis. 300 dollars for 11 Million impressions. What did that convert into for Hidden Hippie? Explosive traffic increase on her website and Instagram, a handful of sales and…? Well, you are reading this article now, aren’t you? 

Marketing is about creating a story around your brand, be newsworthy. I am currently reporting about this amazing achievement we reached with Hidden Hippie, you are reading this and will hopefully look at their website which will convert into more sales. This story has spread across the boardrooms of Nasdaq, Refinery29 and were featured on the “WhoWhatWear” Snapchat. If you cannot understand the value and power of that, please go home, pack up your shit and call it a day. Because: you do not comprehend the importance and power of storytelling around your business. 

Hidden Hippie is a brand to watch, they came up with a creative solution to empowering women who want to wear their good karma under their clothes, no matter what outfit they are wearing. It’s a personal thing. No matter if you are wearing the attract love, attract money or attract health clip you just walk around in this glow. 


How to find Hidden Hippie:
Insta & Twitter: @itshiddenhippie
Snapchat: itshiddenhippie


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