Why you need to take out your Phone and download Snapchat, right now!

I have been thinking for a long time how to tell you in exactly the right words, why Snapchat is the best social media application that you can download on your phone today. I published the video above on Monday, but since then have been struggling to find the right words to go with the video to really hit home "WHY" you need this application. Especially, if you are a business. (We're all our own business though, aren't we)

So, whilst I am sitting here cross-legged on a cushion on my drive way at my of my avocado farm in Spain, having my hair straightened by my Swedish friend Ulrika. (Yeah, our Thursday office game is strong today) 
I was reading her Social Media articles and have found the perfect words. They are not my own, they are by Andrew Watts taken from the article: "A Teenager’s View on Social Media - Written by an actual teen"

(You're welcome)


"Snapchat is quickly becoming the most used social media network, especially with the advent of My Story. If I could break down a party for you in social media terms, here’s how it would pan out:

  • You post yourself getting ready for the party, going to the party, having fun at the party, leaving at the end of the party, and waking up the morning after the party on Snapchat.
  • On Facebook you post the cute, posed pictures you took with your friends at the party with a few candids (definitely no alcohol in these photos).
  • On Instagram you pick the cutest one of the bunch to post to your network.

Snapchat is where we can really be ourselves while being attached to our social identity. Without the constant social pressure of a follower count or Facebook friends, I am not constantly having these random people shoved in front of me. Instead, Snapchat is a somewhat intimate network of friends who I don't care if they see me at a party having fun.

On no other social network (besides Twitter possibly) is it acceptable post an “I’m soooo bored” photo besides Snapchat. There aren't likes you have to worry about or comments—it’s all taken away. Snapchat has a lot less social pressure attached to it compared to every other popular social media network out there. This is what makes it so addicting and liberating. If I don’t get any likes on my Instagram photo or Facebook post within 15 minutes you can sure bet I'll delete it. Snapchat isn't like that at all and really focuses on creating the Story of a day in your life, not some filtered/altered/handpicked highlight. It’s the real you.

Another quick aside about Snapchat—I only know a handful of people (myself included) that believe Snapchat does delete your photos. Everyone else I know believes that Snapchat has some secret database somewhere with all of your photos on it. While I will save that debate for another day, it is safe to say that when photos are “leaked” or when there’s controversy about security on the app, we honestly do not really care. We aren't sending pictures of our Social Security Cards here, we're sending selfies and photos with us having 5 chins."

by Andrew Watts

After reading this, please send me an InMail telling me whether you have now downloaded Snapchat, if you have not had it before. 

Thank you!